About VAI

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Headquartered in Vermont.
Based on Integrity.

“Superior quality. Highly responsive. Overall best value.” These customer testimonials have helped us grow into a top machining and outsourcing resource with a passion for excellence. Born in the Northeast region of Vermont known for hard work, craftsmanship and strong values, Vermont Aerospace Industries offers nearly 40 years of experience and a legacy of trust.

Progressive Past. Unlimited Future

Throughout our company’s history, we’ve been able to distinguish ourselves by resolving problems with creative, cost-conscious solutions that others overlook. Part of this novel approach resides in our diverse history and dedication to continuous improvement through employee engagement.


Trusted Experience

A sought-after supplier for government, aerospace and defense companies who rely on timely delivery and precision parts, we meet all International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) demands. Our experienced staff operates with both refined skill and strong ethics, and our full-service tooling department incorporates the latest equipment and processes needed for optimum quality and cost-effectiveness.


Core  Values

Since our inception we’ve stayed true to our core values: To meet or exceed all customer expectations for superior quality products. To exceed requirements for cost-efficiency, delivery, and attentive service. And to treat every customer, supplier and employee with the respect and honesty they deserve. It’s a simple mission that has served us well.